Our team

We are a team of professionals who are approachable, friendly and human. Whether you work with our managing partners, accountants or trainees, you can expect us to deliver the highest-quality services.  

Ján Šeliga

Managing Partner

I am an open and trusting person who people go to and I also surround myself with people I trust. My strength is that I can get along well with people, thanks to my nature, openness and, where appropriate, informal approach.

I have worked for a corporate for more than 20 years. Together with my colleagues, we were able to build a very successful branch, which had about 90 employees. During the annual quality control, our clients gave us very positive feedback on the quality of our services. Now I consider the start-up, functioning and growth of our company 1to1 Administration to be a success. In 3 years, we were able to build a stable office with more than 30 employees. We are approached by various foreign companies for cooperation. Which for me is a sign of great trust and also a confirmation that we are doing our services really well.

Apart from the natural growth of 1to1, my biggest goals are for the people to be paid well, to keep good employees, so that everyone can live a normal, balanced and quality life. For us to go to work, do what needs to be done, have a laugh, feel good and then go home to our personal lives.

Besides work, family and sports are important to me as well. Those are the three pillars which I try to keep in balance, because I believe that balance is the foundation of life and peace at mind. I also have a positive attitude towards sports. I played football when I was younger, and I am currently doing mainly hockey, tennis and golf.

I add my golfing accomplishments, such as single handicap and a room full of trophies, to the 1to1 sports hall of fame.

Kamila Pudišová

Managing Partner

How would I describe myself? Surely, in any situation, I try to see the best in people, sometimes surprisingly naïve. I like rules and ‘fair play’. I think I am sincere, purposeful and believe that I lead by example for my children, my surroundings and also the right leader for colleagues.

For 18 years, I worked in the Slovakian branch of a global company, where I started as a junior accountant, headed the payroll and personnel department and for the last 5 years, I was in the position of Director Client Services, General Manager. What I am really proud of is that we won the global client satisfaction survey.

However, what is more up-to-date, in our company, 1to1 Administration, we have no shortage of work and we are gradually growing (40% compared to 2021). Taking care of maintaining quality, efficiency, educating young colleagues, is what I enjoy. In 1to1, I am surrounded by the most correct, enthusiastic people. During the Covid period, we have confirmed that the direction of digitization, the technologies we have chosen, were the right ones. So just do not fall asleep and do not let yourself be satisfied with the fact that “everything works”, since it is always possible to improve.    

At the moment, my work goal is for 1to1 Administration to continue to maintain its good reputation, whose name is spreading thanks to the satisfaction of our clients and colleagues. We would like to be aware especially of the quality of our work, efficiency, technologies. To be a company where we make our clients and also our colleagues, feel that we value mutual cooperation and stand out for our individual approach, communication.

Sport has always been a part of my life, so now in my free time I like to go hiking (overcoming myself 🙂 Regularly, whether in winter or summer I go swimming, Nordic walking and occasionally skiing, badminton, table tennis, in almost every sport I am average. Although I dont’t sit around at home much, housework must be taken care of before prioritizing my hobbies. Of course, I will not disdain a pleasant relaxing book or sudoku to unwind (I have to concentrate on that).

I can contribute to the 1to1 Sports Hall of Fame, for example, with 5 titles of the Slovak Champion in women’s basketball (MBK Ružomberok) or participation in the Slovak women’s national team, 5th place at the 1994 World Championships in Sydney (as the best team in Europe). I have coached basketball and children, for almost 10 years. When I started, we had 1-2 teams, towards the end 6 categories. We have won several Slovak Champions in the categories from peewee‘s, cadets, juniors. The most amazing thing is that lifelong friendships have arisen that continue to this day, both between players and coaches.

Ema Hetlerović

Head of HR and Payroll

I consider myself to be very responsible, proactive, I like my things in order. I chose 1to1 because of its overall concept and the people who got the company running. What I like about 1to1 is the environment, company atmosphere and innovative solutions for otherwise formal and regulated services. 

I lead our HR&payroll team. For me it is both most rewarding and most demanding at the same time. It is still a challenge for me to maintain a balance between satisfied colleagues in the team and satisfied clients who gets the best services. At the same time, I am ready to give opportunities to smart people, just as I have received it.

I am also interested in developing our company, whether it is by expanding or streamlining our services. I like to learn how to use the latest technologies and systems. I am always happy to work on short-term client projects, which often bring new challenges.

While I know that hard work is important, I appreciate my free time, which helps keep my life in balance. My hobbies also include sports.

In the past, I actively played basketball, in which I won three golden medals in youth categories, so there goes my contribution to the 1to1 sports hall of fame.


Head of Accounting

Agnesa Sviteková

Accounting Support

I think I am quite a positive person with ability to overcome many obstacles, both professional and private.

I am adaptable and enjoy spending time with friends.

Humanity and the effort of colleagues to help each other with various tasks.

My biggest goal is to learn everything I need to successfully cope with the assigned tasks.

Humanity and the effort of colleagues to help each other with various tasks.

Participation in the 1993 Women’s Basketball European Championship in Greece, 7th place.

Michaela Školová

HRP Manager

In 1to1, it will definitely be the people The team and the atmosphere of the company.

I’m never in one spot and I don’t like to be bored, so definitely travel. If I have the opportunity, I spend time in nature and like to play sports.

I played volleyball for 12 years, first for my hometown and then for the University of Economics and volleyball club in BA.

Zuzana Bakaová 

Accounting Supervisor

I think I am a relaxed, non-conflict type of person. I try to get along well with people.

I would consider my greatest work success to be my flexibility, being able to adapt to requirements and working “in the field”.

In my free time, I like to read a detective story and spend time with my family.

Ľuboslava Lužicová

HR Payroll Supervisor

I am payroll accountant in 1to1. My main principle is fair relationship with clients and colleagues based on equality and politeness. I enjoy that in payroll accounting, I need to think critically, educate myself and keep track of changes in the legislation.

In 1to1, I appreciate good working conditions and the mood in the team.

In my free time, I typically work in my garden and spend time with my family, which I am very proud of. I also like helping others.

Lucia Kucek

Senior Payroll Accountant

Iveta Šeligová

Senior Accountant

Accounting has always been a part of my life, and I am convinced it fits me very well. Logic, tangible results and structured work are factors that allow me to strive as an accountant. In my free time, I love creativity, especially painting, but also doing recreational sports.

In my opinion, having the right work-life balance is important for everyone who wants to be happy. I achieve that at 1to1.

I am a big fan of 1to1’s sports hall of fame, as well as of sports as such. I regularly bike, hike, and do yoga.

Michal Červený

Senior Accountant

What I like the most about working at 1to1 Administration is the flexibility of working hours and the friendly work team.

In my free time, I typically work in my garden and spend time with my family, which I am very proud of. I also like helping others.

I definitely consider my greatest sporting achievement to qualify for the European Football World Cup (not at a professional level).

Ľudmila Surovčíková

Senior Accountant

I am responsible and I try to be a perfectionist.

I think that I am a friendly and non-conflict person who tries to be fair at all times.

I did accounting in a specific area, I learned a lot and got the opportunity to move on, meet new people and get a new job. I learned to work both in a team and independently.

In nature, on walks and hikes or at home with a good book.

The greatest joy is definitely my daughter.

Interesting work as there are clients from different areas, The opportunity to learn new things and improve myself. And of course there is an excellent team of helpful colleagues.

Zdenka Štepánková

Payroll Accountant

Denisa Gaálová


I am actively expanding my working experience ever since I started studying at the university. I am a fast learner who likes working with numbers, where my logic and Excel skills come in hand.
At 1to1, I enjoy being challenged with something new every day. I am also grateful for our great team and a balance in my tasks.

As a former basketball player, I am contributing to 1to1’s sports hall of fame with 3 gold medals from youth championships of Slovakia. Maybe one day, I will become a yogi, as I attend yoga classes every Tuesday.

Alena Hallová

Payroll Accountant

Petra Černíčková

Payroll Accountant

I am definitely an extrovert, so I am communicative, open and I can definitely say that I am a perfectionist.

I really like to spend my free time with my family, but if I really only have time for myself, I like to run or watch a good relaxing comedy.

Since I have been working with the same people for 20 years (we have already worked together in a previous company), I cannot fail to mention a pleasant and well-rounded team. I enjoy the variety of work in which I know that I will always learn something new.

Martina Hofericová


I think I am responsible, reliable and happy to help others. I like cheerful and honest people, and that’s how I try to be myself.

I was able to change jobs after 26 years in one company and I am willing and able to overcome new challenges.

My choice would definitely be quality time with my family.  I am a lover of summer and flowers so I spend most of my time in the garden or in nature.

Not to disappoint people who trust me and try to create the best possible working conditions for me.

My children and their achievements make me the most happy, and like probably every woman I also enjoy shopping.

Dominika Selecká 

Payroll Accountant

After completing my Master’s studies at the University of Economics and Management of Public Administration, I got the opportunity to work in a company where I met with a wide range of tasks and found out that I wanted to work in payroll in the future. I’m a smiley, grateful and optimistic detailist. I always like to help and take on new challenges.

At 1to1, I am very fond of working with colleagues who are very responsible, reliable and, above all, normal people who can negotiate and agree together.

I also appreciate that after work, I have time to coach children in modern gymnastics. I would certainly not feel balanced and satisfied without it.

In addition to being a youth champion of Bratislava in modern gymnastics, I also contribute to the 1to1 Sports Hall of Fame as a successful coach, as my trainee is already a double National champion of Slovakia and also a Slovak representative in Modern gymnastics. She also participated in the European Championships.


Payroll Support

Viera Sadloňová

Junior Payroll Accountant

I would describe myself as friendly and communicative. I like new challenges. And although sometimes it is more difficult to fulfill them , the result is always more pleasing.

I like to spend my free time with my family in nature, but I also really like to read a good book.

I like the variety of my work. Every day at work I have new challenges and opportunities to learn something new, and as a bonus, I can improve in a team of professionals who are always willing to help me.

Although I have not won any special awards, I like activities in which I sort out my thoughts and recharge my batteries. My favorites include running and swimming.

Annamarie Kováčová

Back Office Support

I am organized, proactive and responsible. I like to organize my time, but I can also manage work for the people around me. I don’t like to put things off until the last minute, so I think it best describes me to do as many things as possible today and not put it off until tomorrow.

Since I have a very large family, I like to spend time with them the most, if they don’t have an organized program such as tournaments and competitions on the weekend (my children are involved in football, hockey and modern gymnastics), then we try to spend a lot of time together as a family. In the winter we ski and skate, in the summer we go swimming, cycling and also play badminton, beach volleyball, and we like hiking and nature the most.

Definitely the family and the children’s achievements, but I also try to think about my space. So, as a family, we like to meet friends at barbecues, and for myself, I like to spend time with my friends over a glass of wine. And when I do have some time for myself, I practice pilates, go swimming and read a good book.

A young team, a relaxed working atmosphere and at the same time a successful and professional company.

So that we are healthy and happy and that we all find the right balance between work and private life.

Ľubica Tomanová

Junior Payroll Executive

If I can – I will help.. I am empathetic and I rely on good relationships.

Colleagues call me a ‘motor mouse’… I also think they would say friendly, chatty and collective.

I prefer to spend my free time with my children in nature or watching relaxing comedies.

I really enjoy working in 1TO1. We have a very good team in the payroll department and thanks to my colleagues who are always willing to help me, I look forward to coming to work every day.

I would like to move from junior to senior. I realise that this is still a long way to go, but I want to work on it. Again, I have to mention my colleagues who teach me every day and thus help me achieve this step by step.

Pavla Bujdošová

Junior Payroll Accountant

I consider myself a reliable and friendly person. At work or study, I try to be conscientious, prepared, I like to do things prematurely. I really like order and cleanliness (sometimes perhaps too much) I consider my moodiness to be such a negative trait; However, I am gradually giving up on that as well.

 The greatest joy for me is spending my free time with my family, especially our 3 year old daughter. I like to watch her try and learn new things. We like to cycle, swim and go on trips together. If I have the opportunity and a small moment for myself, I like to work out or run, read a good book or go to a concert or theater with my friends. Otherwise, I am an avid mushroom picker, this is my psycho-hygiene.

Since I have spent the last 3 years on maternity leave in the near future, I would like to devote myself to self-development, learning to work in the necessary programs, gaining new experience and skills necessary for the job I have.

My colleagues. I have to say that since I started working a month ago, I feel like I have been here for much longer. The positive and friendly attitude from management to my colleagues is priceless. I am already grateful to each and every one of them for their willingness to teach me new things. I did not believe that it was possible to work fully and get a respectful attitude from the beginning, despite the fact that I have a small child. 

In high school, I was active in sports (basketball, volleyball) here and there I play tennis, swim or run.. I am open to any sporting activity.

Ivana Križanová

Junior Accountant

I think I am purposeful, friendly, moral. 

Completion of financial statements within the deadline. 

I really like to read books, spend time with my family and go fishing. 

My biggest job goal at the moment is to be an expert in my fieldaccounting. 

I like our team and friendly approach, also flexibility is a very big benefit to work in 1to1. 

Lucia Reiserová

Junior Executive

I would describe myself as straightforward, sincere (sometimes perhaps too much), hardworking, purposeful and communicative person. But there are days when “the Grumpy smurf comes to visit”.

I would like to continue to improve my accounting. Learning to think first and then speak, to correct my sincerity (as it can do harm).

And something that will also please my colleagues, to be the person in the team who picks up the phone 😊

What I like the most is my perfect colleagues, superiors and company executives, with whom you can (if you want) talk not only about corporate, accounting but also personal topics.

The fact that we are all people here without distinction of status and, of course, the Home Office option and flexible working hours are just the icing on the cake for me.

I prefer to read motivational literature and educate myself in the field. I dedicate myself to the pet cat “Adolf”, I discover the beauties of Slovakia, but I never refuse to relax and watch Netflix.

Tamara Cabovská

Junior Accountant

I am Tamara, a student of international management. I stick to the motto “I help when help is needed” and I like to create a pleasant atmosphere around me.

The options that it offers. Creative tasks I get and a good team.

I like to spend my free time reading books, traveling and mostly playing sports, as I am engaged in aerial acrobatics.

I would like to improve my knowledge in the field of accounting and further I would like to learn how to work better with Excel. I am interested in operating systems and connections to different platforms such as FitekIn. Fintech in general – the use of technology in accounting and finance.

Lenka Sedláčková

Junior Accountant

I would say that I am friendly and try to get along well with everyone. I am also a great perfectionist. At home, they call me Monk from an early age, since I have to have my stuff perfectly organized.

I am a dog owner and I spend most of my time with my dog, whether outdoors in nature or at home. He is my most loyal and faithful companion,

And, of course, I enjoy the office holiday festivities.

If you can’t find me with my dog in my free time, then I probably play floorball. I like to ski and that is why I am very much looking forward to the winter season.

Since I am an athlete, it might not come as surprise, but I would like to start playing tennis and for once I would like to experience a Formula 1 race weekend for myself.

At the end of primary school, I was part of the 7th best floorball team of juniors in Slovakia.

Alexandra Kuzmiaková

Junior Executive

Kristína Jurkovičová

Junior Accountant

I think I am a purposeful, decisive, reliable person who likes to learn new things.

In my free time, I like to read books, go for walks in nature, light hiking, spending time with my friends, or watching a good series. I am also learning to play keyboards.

What I like the most about working in 1to1 is what kind of team we are. I know that if I need something, I don’t have to be afraid to ask and everyone is willing to advise or help me. Together we make a great team and really enjoyable working company.

Peter Vorobeľ

Junior Accountant

I would describe myself as a team player who likes to lighten the atmosphere in the team with his sense of humor and brighten the mood with singing in the office.

I definitely prefer to play badminton in my free time. I also like to watch a relaxing comedy where I can clear my head for a while.

Since I am still a student, I will definitely finish my studies, improve my accounting skills and eventually move to the position of a senior.

As a semi-professional badminton player, I can already claim several wins in tournaments.

Peter Pavelka

Accounting Trainee